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Church Support Ministries

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver (MBCD) has ministries that: lead the church as a legal entity, manage the sanctuary and services; and, archive the church's history. These ministries are listed below:


Church Leader Ministries:

  • Deaconate Ministry 

  • Deaconess Ministry 

  • Trustee Ministry 


Sanctuary and Service Ministries:

  • Celebration Choir 

  • Media Ministry 

  • Ushers Ministry 


Historical Ministries:

  • Educational Resources Ministry 

  • Historical Society




Family Support Ministries

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver (MBCD) believes faith must be continually nourished and cultivated. This is why MBCD has a robust set of ministries designed to uplift all of its congregants--from the youngest through the eldest.


Family Ministries:

  • Educational Resources Ministry

  • Community Outreach Ministries


Men's Ministries:

  • Deaconate Ministry

  • E E Whitfield Missionary

  • Laymen's Movement 

  • Men’s Bible Study

Women's Ministries:

  • Deaconess Ministry 

  • Women’s Ministry 

  • Women's Bible Study 

Youth's Ministries:

  • Teen Sunday School 

  • Got Fire Youth Ministry 

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Community Outreach Ministries

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver (MBCD) is an integral part of its community. As such, MBCD has ministries specifically dedicated to feeding, clothing, and housing those in need.


Community Outreach Ministries:

  • Food Bank Ministry

  • Clothing Bank 

  • Housing Assistance

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