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Senior Pastor Profile

Submissions due January 31, 2024

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver (MBCD) is currently searching for a Senior Pastor who respects our 106+ years of serving God while empowering our community; who honors our history of fighting for justice--especially with issues that impact people in the African diaspora; and, who will lead collaboratively with the congregation by embracing our mission and vision.

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Job Description
Mission Statement

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver's Mission is to:

  • LOVE people because we love GOD,

  • DISCOVER our inner disciple,

  • WORSHIP with our lives as much as our voices, and

  • BUILD UP the NEIGHBORHOOD of God's Kingdom

Vision Statement

Macedonia Baptist Church Denver's vision is to be the BODY OF CHRIST, making real the PRESENCE OF GOD in the world as the HANDS AND FEET of Jesus.

Senior Pastor Job Description

The Senior Pastor will lead collaboratively with the congregation while 1) embracing our mission and vision statements and 2) directing and motivating us.


  • Graduation from an accredited theological seminary

  •  A licensed, ordained minister

  •  Prior experience as a senior pastor

  • Able to pass the background checks

  • Committed to tithing and the ministry at MBCD


  • A deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced in daily life and exhibiting character qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter: 5:1-4.

  • Exhibits personal qualities that are of the highest integrity and unquestionable honesty.

  • Earnestly seeks God’s will above all other possible motivations.

  • Proven leadership ability in an established church setting.

  • Excellent oral and written communicator; visionary in leadership and a passion for ministry.

  • Possesses a spirit of cooperation and fellowship within the church body.

MBCD Senior Pastor Profile

  •  Demonstrates a passionate, heartfelt love for people with a Christ-like concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

  • Exhibits Christ’s love by developing positive and encouraging relationships within the church body.

  • Possesses potential and desire to remain in long-term ministry at Macedonia Baptist Church Denver.

  • Seeks and promotes prayer as a priority, both personally and in the life of the church.


  • Preparing and Preaching Inspiring Sermons: Devotes time and attention to the preparation and delivery of inspirational and informative sermons.

  • Minister of the Word/Teacher of the Congregation: Finds primary fulfillment in preaching to and teaching the congregation.

  • Development of a Youth Ministry: Places an emphasis on the development of a youth ministry.

  • Visiting Sick and Shut-in and Bereaved: Is comfortable with visits to the sick and shut in and is available to those experiencing loss.

  • Friend/Fellow Traveler: Warm and loving person who relates to us as an ordinary human being; compassionate, and a good listener; not afraid to be transparent.

  • Celebrant/Worship Leader: Is most at home in leading the congregation in worship; deep appreciation for ritual and ceremony in both formal and informal settings.

  • Directly involves the Congregation in Planning Church Programs: Has a collaborative approach to church leadership.

  • Participates in Community Activities: Takes part in civic affairs and activities and participates with ministers from other churches.

  • Church Administrator: Fulfillment comes in administering and managing a productive, varied, and effective church program and organization.

  • Counselor: Counsels members that are having personal, family and/or work-related problems.

  • Planning and Leading New Member Recruitment: Devises a plan for the recruitment of new members.

  • Continually Evaluate Effectiveness: Proposes creative ideas for improvement to develop and grow the ministry.

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